Zeth on Tackling the Blockchain Talent War at Blockchain Live 2018

  • Posted: 27.09.18

Zeth was asked to speak about the blockchain talent war on the Investor Stage at Blockchain Live 2018.

While a lot was covered we have outlined some of the key takeaways around talent in the blockchain space:

These figures are based on blockchain or blockchain related terms on individual LinkedIn profiles. Regarding concentrations of talent is was surprising to us to find both the Benelux region and France featuring higher than Germany in terms of blockchain talent hubs.

We also looked into the corporate exodus across Europe where corporates are losing their best talent. This is not just a blockchain specific trend but due to the funding from both ICO and VC this problem is magnified.

Across Europe 53% of profiles referencing blockchain or a blockchain related term now work for a company of 200 or less employee’s:

Another interesting set of figures is around the breakdown of hiring of talent across enterprise and start-up businesses. It was clear that unsurprisingly, tech makes up the biggest percentage of the team across enterprise and start-ups.

What is perhaps relevant to the enterprise space is that there have been increases in hires that will generate internal buy-in.

For start-ups, not surprisingly there has been a significant increase in hires to promote awareness around upcoming ICOs. It has become a lot harder to secure funding for firms without a solid strategy around this.

For companies that have ICO’d there has been a rise in business development and partnership type roles to help increase awareness and ensure their platforms are remaining relevant through their corporate partnerships.

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