How we helped Qredo achieve their ambitious growth plans

Organisation Size: 105

Hires Made: 57

Project Duration: 12 months

Avg Time-To-Fill: 2.5 weeks

“After Qredo’s initial large seed round, their number one priority was hiring. The CEO had experience with talent partners in the past and found working with one exclusive partner yielded the best results.

Zeth Couceiro Founder @ Plexus

Qredo Network is a cross-chain protocol for asset managers and traders active in the digital asset markets. Using an institution-grade, layer 2 infrastructure, investors can hold all their crypto assets securely in one place, with unlocked access to a wide range of liquidity venues and DeFi yield opportunities.


Qredo had secured large seed round (11m USD) with plans for a token sale (16m USD) and series A (80m USD) within the next 12 months. Hiring was their number one priority as they had ambitious plans to go from 20 heads up to 100 heads in a year, and then plans to double that again.



Qredo’s CEO recognised that working with one exclusive talent partner that truly knew the market yielded the best results. Both parties decided that a weekly recruitment call would ensure that our efforts were being allocated to the most important roles as well as ensuring the larger hiring goals were being met.



After an initial hiring sprint, Qredo expressed an interest in increasing our involvement in hiring and solidifying our partnership. Plexus supplied and co-managed an ATS system for tracking roles and candidates as well as help with contracts/onboarding.

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