Hiring a number of key positions covering major business functions for Flare

Organisation Size: 33

Hires Made: 7

Project Duration: 2 hiring periods

Avg Time-To-Fill: 3 weeks

“Plexus have hired a number of key positions for Flare covering all major business functions. Notably – Head of Smart Contract, Head of Network, Head of Technical Documentation, Community Manager and Grants Associate to name a few.

Alongside timely feedback and an organised approach to interview scheduling, Plexus showed an extremely solid technical understanding of Web3 and the Flare team have been delighted with the relevant profiles that Plexus has introduced to us.”

Dominic Moore Head of Ecosystem

Flare is a Layer-1 blockchain which enables secure universal interoperability between chains.


An existing client introduced us to Flare during their research-to-building transition. Flare was focused on developing the base layer of their technology alongside a ramp up in EVM-related development. We helped them secure key hires in two stages, achieving the development of a robust technological solution and wider ecosystem awareness.



We helped Flare with engineering hires; including Head of Smart Contract and a Head of Network. This concluded the initial building phase translating white papers and research into scalable products. Both team members are still working at Flare.



As a layer 1 protocol, one of the biggest challenges you face is increasing the number of products built on your technology. To combat this, Plexus hired a Head of Ecosystem, Head of Technical Documentation, Social Media Manager and a Grant Associate – these positions allowed Flare Network to ignite their wider ecosystem of dapp/protocol development. Again, all team members are still working at Flare.

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