How we helped Maple accelerate their development with key hires

Organisation Size: 38

Hires Made: 4

Project Duration: 2x seed rounds

Avg Time-To-Fill: 2.5 weeks

“Plexus secured key early hires for us when the company was at an early stage which enhanced the team’s capability signifcantly. Plexus worked extremely hard to find a pre-screen candidates for us and I rate their expertise in crypto/blockchain recruitment extremely highly.”

Sidney Powell CEO and Co-Founder

Maple is a decentralised corporate debt marketplace. giving web3 protocols and decentralised projects access to non-centralised funding sources. On Maple, industry leading credit experts manage fast-flowing lending businesses where pooled capital is lent to profitable cryto blue-chips


Maple were looking to build out their engineering function and migrate from MVP into a robust, scalable, product. We hired a number of key positions, including: Head of Smart Contracts, a Smart Contract Engineer and further helped facilitate the hire of a Web3 Frontend Engineer.



We dedicated one principal consultant and four members of our delivery team to achieve Maple’s hiring goals. These experts worked to ensure potential hires were pre-screened, interviewed quickly and moved along the process efficiently to ensure candidates weren’t taken off the market.



Maple’s development was accelerated with these key hires, and today they comfortably sit as a blue-chip protocol having delivered close to $1.5 billion dollars in loans, as well as a TVL of ~$900 million.

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