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Crypto Recruitment Delivered: Case Studies


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The Client:

Founded in 2020, Nascent exists to build, expand, and capture opportunity, in open markets and open technologies. Building from a base of permanent capital, Nascent deploy assets across a range of both liquid and long-term strategies that ensure they are among the most active users of the open financial system they are helping to build.


The Challenge:

The primary challenge was finding candidates who were not only top-tier professionals but also an ideal cultural fit for Nascent. They sought individuals who were competitive, self-motivated, and had a profound understanding of DeFi.

Nascent aimed to hire high achievers with strong personal accomplishments, such as hackathon winners or those recognised as best in their class.

This challenge required an in-depth understanding of Nascent’s unique culture and needs to present the perfect candidates.


The Solution:

Plexus implemented a rigorous vetting process after thoroughly understanding Nascent’s character profile.

We built a strong rapport with the client, enabling us to intuitively know what they were looking for in a candidate before presenting them. This involved deep research and understanding of each candidate’s achievements, work history, and knowledge of the DeFi space.

We ensured we comprehensively understood Nascent’s expectations and made certain that each candidate met these criteria. The process was about building trust with Nascent, demonstrating that Plexus could accurately identify and present candidates who perfectly fit their profile.

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    Plexus spent considerable time learning about Nascent’s culture, values, and the specific traits they desired in candidates.

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    We conducted thorough research on potential candidates, focusing on their achievements, work history, and DeFi expertise.

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    We implemented a detailed vetting process to ensure candidates not only had the required skills and experience but also matched Nascent’s cultural fit.

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    We maintained regular communication with Nascent to update them on progress and gather feedback, ensuring alignment throughout the recruitment process.

  • The Results:

    We successfully placed five roles for Nascent with an average fill time of 4-6 weeks. The roles filled included:

    • Trader
    • Full Stack Engineer
    • Platform Engineer
    • Senior Data Engineer
    • Principal Product Manager

    These placements have significantly contributed to Nascent’s ongoing projects and growth, ensuring they have the right talent to continue leading in the DeFi space.

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