Backend Engineer_

  • $150k - $180k
  • ID: 2083

Plexus are recruiting for a DeFi company that is making the S&P 500 for crypto, they have just raised $11m and are valued at $62m.

The smart contracts that underpin everything are written, they need someone to oversee the backend system that talks to those smart contracts. The function they’re building now is responsible for minting / burning new tokens and redeeming the underlying assets.

Essential skills;

  • 4+ years experience as a Developer or someone that is fully trusted to build a system from the ground up without a lot of guidance.
  • Typescript (backend)
  • Node
  • AWS (Step Functions, Lambda, API Gateway, IAM, …) or GCP

Desirable skills;

  • Terraform
  • Exposure to Solidity
  • Exposure to one of the following: Foundry or Hardhat or Truffle or Ganache or Remix.

Recruiting for this role:

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