Frontend Engineer _

  • $100k
  • ID: 1830

A  front-end developer role – to help with the development of SDKs and interfaces that let the users of the protocol interact with its smart contracts in a performant and seamless manner.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with the rest of the engineering team, designers, and growth team to ensure the interfaces and SDKs are delivered on time and of the highest quality
  • Help Develop high-quality SDKs for the smart contracts
  • Collaborate proactively with the rest of the family to transform novel ideas into game changing DeFi products.

Must have:

  • 2-4 years developing scalable web applications
  • Deep knowledge of the structure of performant client-side React applications
  • Experience with Node.JS
  • Understanding of React, React Hooks, TypeScript, CSS & HTML5

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