Senior protocol/Research Engineer_

  • $150k-$210k
  • ID: 2262

Senior Protocol/Research Engineer | Full Time | Fully Remote | Permanent

Plexus have partnered with a talented team of engineers looking to make scaling simple by building a framework (SDK) for creating customisable and secure zk-rollups. This will enable developers to deploy customisable rollups that communicate effortlessly. They are looking for Senior Protocol and Research engineers.


  • Knowledge of “Cryptoeconomics.”
  • Familiarity with cryptography including zeroknowledge proofs, SNARK-friendly hash functions, vector commitments.
  • Protocol Engineering – Layer 1 blockchains or framework design and implementation
  • Use of Rust and/or Golang
  • Knowledge of bridging protocols e.g. IBC
  • Knowledge of P2P networks


  • Design and implementation of robust peerto-peer networking solutions compatible with all chains that can be built with the SDK
  • Design high level primitives (token transfers, crosschain accounts) on top of the underlying message passing framework.
  • Lead design and implementation of a default RPC for chains compatible with the SDK
  • Lead design and implementation of robust peerto-peer networking solutions


  • Remote work
  • Competitive Salary + Equity
  • 2-3 stage IV process
  • Work on cutting edge blockchain technology

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