zk-SNARK Engineer _

  • $120-$250K
  • ID: 2597

Job Title: Senior zk-SNARK Engineer

Plexus have teamed up with an innovative, VC-backed, privacy focused L2. They are looking for a senior zk-SNARK Engineer to make critical technical decisions and write Halo2 circuits.


  • Contribute to critical decision-making processes.
  • Developing Halo2 circuits to implement our payments rollup.
  • Crafting and assessing proposals for enhancements to our platform.


  • Proven experience in constructing substantial solutions utilising Halo2.
  • Proficiency in producing high-quality Rust code.


  • Prior experience with Halo2 in a commercial setting.
  • Background in mathematics or cryptography.
  • A strong grasp of the mathematical principles underpinning zk-STARKs or zk-SNARKs.
  • Active involvement in or contributions to an open-source Zero-Knowledge project.


  • $120K – $250K base with equity.
  • Global remote and flexible working hours.
  • Contribute to decision-making processes.
  • Early startup, high-growth opportunity.

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