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We believe in the power of web3 and breaking down barriers to open up the world…but next generation ideas need next generation talent. So we help innovative companies find the right people to take them from start-up to game-changer.

We make this happen with:

  • Contingent, retained and subscription services
  • Industry-leading growth and hiring consultation
  • Market insight reports
  • Trend analysis and investigative style content
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Our Story

Five years is a lifetime in web3.

In that time crypto has levelled the playing field for traders. NFTs have put power back in the hands of creators. Defi has evolved to revolutionise traditional finance and offer returns previously not available to regular retail investors.

Belief in the space

And we’ve grown from a risky start-up in a small rented office..

Even back then we saw where web3 was going and the importance of it. So we went first. Adopted early. Way before Mastercard, PayPal, or Tesla. And have helped to grow this space by pairing the best talent with the most important start-ups in the world.

Not because we saw an opportunity. But because we believe in this.

Integrated in the space

It’s why our staff invest in crypto. It’s why we accept payment in crypto. And why we provide free insight reports and data analysis for anyone in this space.

Now we’re five years older and find ourselves partnered with the most important companies in this space. With a network of generational talent to support them. Ready to push the power of web3 to every corner of the world.

On to what’s next.

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Our People

  • Shaun Potts - headshot

    Shaun Potts


  • Zeth Couceiro - headshot

    Zeth Couceiro


  • Lydia Felton - headshot

    Lydia Felton

    Operations Manager

  • Euan Wilson - headshot

    Euan Wilson

    Principal Consultant

  • Susanna O'Brien - headshot

    Susanna O'Brien

    Talent Manager

  • Dominic Lang - headshot

    Dominic Lang

    Principal Consultant

  • Shay Kingham - headshot

    Shay Kingham

    Senior Consultant

  • William Hogan - headshot

    William Hogan

    Principal Consultant

  • Aaron Harrison - headshot

    Aaron Harrison

    Senior Consultant

  • Henry McCloskey - headshot

    Henry McCloskey


  • Charlie Pratt - headshot

    Charlie Pratt


  • Lauryn Ifill - headshot

    Lauryn Ifill


  • Jayden Lazarus - headshot

    Jayden Lazarus


  • Joshua Glensmark - headshot

    Joshua Glensmark


  • Joshua Walter - headshot

    Joshua Walter


  • Mitchell Dart - headshot

    Mitchell Dart


  • Elyse Le Roy - headshot

    Elyse Le Roy


  • James Edwards - headshot

    James Edwards


  • George McNulty - headshot

    George McNulty


  • Joe Hill - headshot

    Joe Hill


  • Amy Kavangh - headshot

    Amy Kavangh

    Talent Executive

  • Elizabeth Meredith - headshot

    Elizabeth Meredith

    Talent Executive