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Next generation ideas, need next generation talent.

That’s where we can help.

We’re dedicated to recruiting in the Web3 and Crypto space, helping innovative companies find the right people to take them from start-up to game changer.

We make this happen for you with:

  • Industry leading growth and hiring consultancy
  • Market Insights & Reports
  • Trend analysis & investigative style content
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Our Story

Founded in 2017 by Zeth Couceiro and Shaun Potts, we were the first recruitment company to enter the Web3 and Crypto space, with a mission to help businesses and the space grow, through talented people.

Over the duration of six years, we’ve gone from a small start-up with a team of five to a forty person office, growing the team to ensure our clients and candidates are number one.

Belief in the space

Come bear or bull, we’re passionate about the development and innovation of Web3 and Crypto. It’s why we believe that building a great company, starts with the people you hire.

Over the years, we’ve built a talent community of world-class people from solidity developers, C-suiters to marketing professionals. All of who are dedicated to Web3 and Crypto.

Integrated in the space

In the years we’ve been in the space, crypto has levelled the playing field for traders. NFTs have put power back in the hands of creators. DeFi has evolved to revolutionise traditional finance.

And we believe in its evolution.

It’s why our staff invest in crypto. It’s why we accept payment in crypto. And why we provide free insight reports and data analysis for anyone in this space.

Now we’re older and wiser, we’ve been privileged to partner with the most important companies in the space and built a network of incredible, generational talent.

We’re here to push the power of Web3 to every corner of the world.

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Our People

  • Saam Sadeghian - headshot

    Saam Sadeghian


  • Louis Parkinson - headshot

    Louis Parkinson


  • Anna Akbarzadeh - headshot

    Anna Akbarzadeh


  • Lucas Herron - headshot

    Lucas Herron


  • Tyler Scott - headshot

    Tyler Scott


  • Zak Higginson - headshot

    Zak Higginson


  • Sarah Akwisombe - headshot

    Sarah Akwisombe

    Marketing Lead

  • Rosie Hogan - headshot

    Rosie Hogan

    Office Manager

  • Olly Garratty - headshot

    Olly Garratty


  • Sean Masters  - headshot

    Sean Masters

    Senior Consultant

  • Shaun Potts - headshot

    Shaun Potts


  • Zeth Couceiro - headshot

    Zeth Couceiro


  • Lydia Felton - headshot

    Lydia Felton

    Operations Manager

  • Euan Wilson - headshot

    Euan Wilson

    Principal Consultant

  • Susanna O'Brien - headshot

    Susanna O'Brien

    Talent Manager

  • Dominic Lang - headshot

    Dominic Lang

    Principal Consultant

  • William Hogan - headshot

    William Hogan

    Managing Consultant

  • Aaron Harrison - headshot

    Aaron Harrison

    Senior Consultant

  • Lauryn Ifill - headshot

    Lauryn Ifill


  • Jayden Lazarus - headshot

    Jayden Lazarus


  • Joshua Glensmark - headshot

    Joshua Glensmark


  • Joshua Walter - headshot

    Joshua Walter


  • Mitchell Dart - headshot

    Mitchell Dart


  • George McNulty - headshot

    George McNulty


  • Joe Hill - headshot

    Joe Hill


  • Elizabeth Meredith - headshot

    Elizabeth Meredith

    Talent Consultant

  • Callum Lach - headshot

    Callum Lach


  • Elliot Rowe - headshot

    Elliot Rowe


  • Jay Stiles - headshot

    Jay Stiles


  • Mus Salih - headshot

    Mus Salih


  • Thomas Tyrie - headshot

    Thomas Tyrie


  • Lee Dart - headshot

    Lee Dart