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Specialising in Web3, Crypto and Blockchain Recruitment since 2017

The largest team of expert recruiters with an unmatched database of talent, ready to connect you to your next hire.

  • 35

    Our London office boasts the biggest team of specialist Crypto recruiters in the business.

  • 475,000

    Our talent pool is second to none in the Crypto and Blockchain sphere, attracting the industry’s sharpest minds eager for their next big adventure.

  • 7 years

    Founded in 2017, Plexus stands as the most established and credible Crypto recruitment firm in the space.

  • Our Story

    In 2017, Zeth Couceiro and Shaun Potts embarked on a mission, not just to start another recruitment company, but to build a firm specialising in the Web3 and Crypto space.

    Our vision as a company is to not only excel in recruitment but to be an integral part of the industry.

    Driven by this ambition, we’ve built a team that’s young, energetic, and deeply embedded in the Crypto and Web3 worlds. They’re not just working in the space; they live and breathe it.

  • Expert recruiters who get it

    Before the surge of other firms into the crypto recruitment scene, we’ve been setting the standards.

    Our commitment has always been to be the go-to for the best and most experienced talent in the space, which is why our knowledge and database are unmatched.

    Over seven years, we’ve grown from a start-up of five to a dynamic team of almost forty. Our heritage and deep involvement have given us an unparalleled edge, making our database the most comprehensive and our hiring consultancy the most sought after in Web3.

Plexus Resource Solutions team in training

Our Expertise

Our pride lies in the exceptionally high standards we set for internal hiring, ensuring that only the sharpest join our ranks.

This commitment to excellence is further amplified by our comprehensive learning and development programme, designed to enhance both recruitment acumen and crypto-specific knowledge across our entire team.

  • Belief in the space

    Through bull and bear, we’ve cultivated a talent pool of exceptional individuals, from skilled Solidity developers and visionary C-suite executives to innovative marketing experts, all united by a shared passion for Web3 and Crypto.

    Our dedication to this space is unwavering, and it’s reflected in the world-class talent community we’re proud to represent.

  • Commitment to Crypto

    From actively participating in crypto meetups to engaging with the latest DeFi projects and NFT launches, we’re not just observers but contributors and advocates.

    Our deep belief in this evolution drives us to not only invest in crypto personally but also to accept it as payment, and share our insights and analyses freely within the community.