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Find out how our expert team can advise and deliver on your hiring needs.

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Plexus Resource Solutions team in training

Your bridge to the talent market

At Plexus, we’ve been hiring within the Web3 space since 2017.

With experience in this sector that outdates most, and the largest Crypto recruitment team globally, we know this industry inside-out.

Our team is packed with specialists across all fields in the space, which means we’re brilliantly placed to get you the kind of talent that doesn’t just tick boxes, but with people who resonate with your company’s ethos and vision.

We’re your connection to a network of exceptional talent who can help take your business to the next level.

Challenges companies face when hiring

01. Complex recruitment needs

For those complex, niche roles requiring deep ecosystem knowledge and specific skills, Plexus brings expert understanding, insider insights, and access to a vast pool of specialised talent, ensuring your tricky hires are no longer a challenge.

02. Time constraints

Short on time? Plexus streamlines your hiring process into 2 sprints, swiftly providing top-quality candidates, eliminating the hassle of sifting through CVs and conducting endless pre-screens, so you can focus on what you do best.

03. Brand awareness & talent access

Many companies can struggle to attract top talent in the competitive startup landscape. We not only tap into a rich vein of exceptional talent but also become ambassadors for your project, with the ability to onboard the most in-demand candidates.

  • Group 13

    Contingent Model

    This is the go-to recruitment model for most of the Web3 companies we partner with. Whether you’re looking for permanent or freelance talent, you only pay once your new team member comes on board.

    Ideal for:
    • Making those crucial early hires
    • Looking to fill permanent or contract positions swiftly
    • Those keen on a risk-free solution where you pay upon success

    No upfront costs. You pay when we deliver.

    Perfect for startups and established firms alike wanting flexibility and guaranteed results.

  • Group 20

    Retained Model

    This model is ideal for businesses seeking to fill specialised roles, or hire a volume of positions. By investing an upfront fee, you gain exclusive access to our elite delivery team, who focus solely on securing the pivotal talent your team needs.

    Ideal for:
    • Companies aiming for rapid and ambitious expansion
    • Filling permanent roles with a proactive and targeted strategy
    • Organisations eyeing long-term growth

    This model not only places your roles at the top of our priority list but also enables a broader and faster candidate search—offering a quicker, thorough sweep of the talent market for that perfect fit.

Plexus State of Crypto Hiring Report 2024

State of Crypto Hiring Report 2024

Grab our in-depth, free report on the Web3 and Crypto hiring landscape, crafted by our in-house hiring experts and notable figures like Alex Lange, Jordi Alexander, Sidney Powell, and others.

What’s inside:

  • Expert insights into the Web3 and Crypto recruitment scene
  • Projections for key growth roles in 2024
  • Detailed salary guide for high-demand positions
  • Analysis of evolving roles and trending languages
  • Insider perspectives on what elite talent seeks