How to get a job in the Blockchain space

  • Posted: 16.08.18

Are you interested in breaking into the blockchain space?

Zeth Couceiro, one of the Founders was asked during an interview with 11-FS how to get a job in blockchain. Some of Zeth’s advice was:

It’s no longer just Financial service companies that are looking for people to work in the blockchain space but also a mixture of start-ups and corporate companies across many industries such as automotive, utilities, defence, supply chain and pharmaceutical.

If you’re a Developer you have a good chance of moving into a blockchain role, this could be as a:

Core Developer = C++ usually, sometimes Go-Lang

Back-end Developer = C++, Java, Net, Node.js, Go

Front-end Developer = Usually JavaScript or mobile

Experience working with multiple languages and big data sets will be useful and make you better equipped to handle the complexity of working in blockchain.

Generally, blockchain roles are opening up for Developers, Designers UI / UX, Product and even non-technical roles like marketing.

A good piece of advice is to start looking online to find out which projects fit your tech stack, or skills and start looking at which organisations or platforms are using those, generally they’ll use modern tech such as JS and Go-Lang as detailed above. Also go onto GitHub and start looking at what these guys are doing. Download the software, start messing around with it. For more information on GitHub, check out our other article: Should I be on GitHub?

Give all this a go and of course speak us here at Plexus!

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