How to transition your career from Web2 to Web3

  • Posted: 24.07.23

As Web3 becomes more mainstream, we’re often asked how candidates can transition from Web2, and what the challenges/barriers are that could stop someone from entering the space.

The good news is… it isn’t impossible to transition.

Web3 companies do accept talented people from the Web2 sphere, as there are some transferrable skills between the two.

That being said you can definitely make your transition smoother by following our top 3 tips on how to transition from Web2 to Web3.

  • Be involved in Web3 communities
  • Make sure you have personal projects in the space
  • Highlight your relevant skills and technologies
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Be involved in Web3 communities

Web3 communities play an important role within the space. They’re an environment where likeminded people can get together to collaborate and shape the future of Web3, Crypto and blockchain.

Not only are communities a great opportunity to expand your knowledge on new projects and developments, but also to help build your own personal network. As you know, professional relationships are key – especially when entering a new space.

So how do you find communities to join?

There are multiple ways you can join a community:

  • Social Media, such as, Twitter, Reddit and Telegram
  • Blockchain conferences
  • Online courses and forums

Make sure you have personal projects in the space

Web3 is complex. Especially for people who are new to the space, meaning that it can be a minefield to navigate. But throwing yourself in the deep end (so to speak) will fast track you to understanding the lingo and learning the necessary skills.

The best way to do this is to have your own personal projects. Not only will it help improve your skillsets but it will show companies that you’re serious about the space, its development and your involvement in it.

Web3, Crypto and blockchain’s popularity is growing fast, so being able to showcase your own personal projects means that you can stay ahead of the crowd.

Highlight your relevant skills and technologies

This may sound obvious but before you apply for a job, make sure you’ve highlighted any relevant skills and technologies you’ve used. Include any transferrable skills that are an added bonus to the role your applying for.

For those wanting a role in development/engineering, skills such as, react, type scripting and up-to-date front and back end coding skills are key.

If you’re looking for a role in marketing or community, be sure to include metrics on how you’ve helped a company grow and any product launches you’ve done as well.

Why make a move to Web3?

Web3 offers endless possibilities for innovation and development, with some hailing it the future of the internet. As with any new technology, there are still teething issues, which can result in a volatile marketplace.

However, with any new adventure comes risk. But sometimes you need risk in order to a part of something exciting.

Education is key! Learning more about the space and spreading that knowledge will help to build mass adoption of Web3 – something you could be at the forefront of.

Key Takeaway

Prove that you’re interested and keen in developing the space. Yes being part of Web3 can be a lucrative adventure but that can’t be your only motivation to wanting to be involved.

Showcase what you can bring to the table by following the 3 tips above.

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