Top 4 priorities for candidates joining a new team

  • Posted: 14.08.23

Attracting the best talent can be a difficult task especially in the current market. It’s not quite as simple as offering a normal base salary anymore, candidates are looking for more from their prospective employers.

Using insights from our global talent community, we’ve complied the top 4 priorities that candidates look for when joining a new company.

  • Career progression
  • Company culture
  • Equity in the business
  • Continued innovation

Let’s dive in and unpick these 4 priorities.

Career progression

Providing candidates with a clear path for career development and progression is key to attracting top talent.

Many candidates want to know what growth is available at a company, how this growth is facilitated e.g. learning & development programmes and how long it may take for them to reach their goals. By providing the opportunity for candidates to progress, you’ll not only create a better culture but also be able to retain your staff for longer.

In order to clearly communicate what progression is available for candidates, you’ll need to understand what jobs you’re hiring for, how those roles can progress within their own hierarchy and how long it could take to get from a junior to senior level.

Spend time putting together a clear plan, with key targets your candidate/employees need to hit so candidates understand what they need to do to progress.

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Company culture

We spend the majority of our time at work, so creating an enjoyable environment is important. And this doesn’t just mean having an active social life down the pub. It’s about creating more ways for the team to be included and feel valued.

Frist start by having a clear company value and mission statement, this way candidates know what you stand for as a business and if this aligns with their own values/thoughts.

Be transparent about what type of culture and benefits you’re offering, this could be anything from:

  • Working remotely or ability to work anywhere in the world
  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Share/equity options

Equity in the business

As Web3 continues to develop, candidates are becoming more interested in receiving equity and shares in the company they join. They want to be part of something they know will reward them for their longevity.

It creates ownership amongst employees as they now have a vested interest in the company.

Offering equity alongside the base salary will help you to secure the best candidate for the role you’re looking to hire for.

Continued innovation

Candidates don’t want to join a company that will remain stagnant, they want to be able to continually innovate and grow a product offering. Having a clear business and product roadmap for the next 3+ years will show perspective employees that you’re serious about the continue growth of the company.

If your company is continuing to innovate and grow, candidates will also be reassured that there is career progression for them as well.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to secure the best team to help your business grow, you need to be listening to what candidates are looking for. Be open about what opportunities from a personal and professional perspective that you can offer them.

Provide an environment that has flexibility, trust and innovation.


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