What Roles Are Growing In The Current Bear Market?

  • Posted: 18.10.23

Things may seem a little slow at the moment in the crypto space, but the hiring market continues to accelerate each month as brands are still wanting to develop and build new features for their products.

But what roles are growing the most and why are they important to the development of the space?

Let’s dive in.

A need for Developers & Engineers continues to grow

Although we’re still in the midst of a bear market, we’ve seen a steady increase in companies hiring, mainly for engineers and developers.

As the crypto space continues to evolve, developers/engineers are being brought on board to help develop existing projects to create new features and hopefully, aide mass adoption.

Of the jobs listed on Plexus website, 49% have been for either developers or engineer roles, with brands mainly looking for people who are either full stack or backend roles.

What’s the difference between full stack and backend developers?

Backend developers are the experts that help to build out the initial coding and structure of the product – everything you can’t see but is ticking away it the background, is done by backend developers.

Full stack developers can build and maintain both the front-end and backend of the product, including building responsive user interfaces and new features.

Both of these roles play an essential part in the development of technology and the crypto space.

Alongside backend and full stack roles, companies are also looking for front-end and security engineers.

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Will this growth continue into 2024?

We believe that developer and engineer roles will continue its upward trajectory, particularly with companies looking for talent with full stack skills.

However, for a product to be successful, you need people to actually use, interact and invest in your product. That is where Business Development and Sales roles come into play.

Why you need a BD and Sales team

Ultimately, the end goal is to make money from the product you’ve built and to achieve that you need to make sure you’re getting in front of the right people.

15% of roles listed on our website in the last 3 months have been for business development and sales roles.

In particular, there is a drive for BD professionals, who can develop and execute a targeted strategy to drive partnerships, user growth and client activity.

Some of these roles always cross over into marketing, with some brands looking for talented candidates who can also help foster their community through events and webinars, plus create their own sales materials.

Why product roles need more TLC

Although product roles haven’t been as sought-after these past 3 months, there is a slow increase in need for people with these skillsets.

Both product managers and product designers are key to building a customer centric product that always keeps the end user in mind when developing and building new features.

Product managers are pivotal to shaping the vision, strategy and execution of the product roadmap, whilst using customer feedback to make sure they product continues to answer the customer’s needs.

Product designers are key to creating a product that customers can use easily, ensuring the UX and UI are working seamlessly.

If companies want to continue to grow their user base, product teams are the way to ensure this happens.

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