How to structure a great CV from a recruiters perspective

  • Posted: 18.09.23

As a Web3 and Crypto recruitment consultancy, we receive hundreds – if not thousands of CVs everyday (okay, we may be slightly dramatic here but we do receive A LOT each day).

All of our consultants try their best to look through and respond to each applicant we receive but as you can imagine, it can be difficult to respond to all of them, especially as we don’t use AI or robots to help us. We take a more consultancy approach to helping you find the right job!

So, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd when you only have a few seconds to do so?

Our experts have shared their advice on what makes a great CV, from what to include and how to structure it – all of which will make it easier for our recruiters to notice you and find your dream Web3 job.

What to include on your CV

Let’s start with the basics of a CV, looking at what you do and don’t want to include. This may sound obvious but sometimes it’s good to take things back to basics.

Contact Information

We like to speak to our talent community on a more personal level, so we can get to know each of candidate we represent. Whether that be through phone calls, video calls or simply through Telegram messages, we want to speak to you directly.

It’s important to include your accurate contact details on your CV, so we can reach you quickly and easily. This also includes accurate location information as well. As a UK based company that is able to provide talent worldwide, knowing your time difference helps when we’re trying to contact you.

Career Timeline

Ensure that your career timeline makes sense. It’s okay to have gaps on your CV, which you can easily explain to your recruiter but you need to make sure your experience is listed in chronological order (your latest job role needs to be at the top of your CV).

Top Plexus Tip: Include the month AND the year on your timeline, not just the year. This will help paint a more accurate picture of your career journey.

Own Your Achievements

When providing an overview of your role, don’t just list the standard role description on your CV, highlight your personal achievements or what you actually did on a day-to-day basis.

This way, we know exactly what your skillsets and accomplishments are from a quick glance.

Remember this is about YOU, so it’s okay to brag a little on your CV.

Structuring your CV

When you’re structuring your CV, there are a few simple rules to follow that can help you stand out.

First off, it’s important to include a personal statement, this is your chance to sell yourself quickly and for us to pick out the keywords that align with the job they are recruiting for.

Keep your personal statement short, sharp and to the point. Much like this sentence.

Next up, ensure that you have listed the companies by their name and the dates you worked there. Including hyperlinks to the companies is extremely helpful, as it means we can quickly understand the type of business you worked for.

Be sure to include what type of business they are. For example, if they’re a consultancy include this or if you have your own company make this clear.

If you’ve been freelancing, it’s key to include a list of engagements and timelines for each of the different companies you’ve worked with.

A top tip from our experts: you don’t need to include lots of bullet points of waffle, include actual insights into what you did including any technology you used.

Finally, in the Web3 and Crypto space, it’s so important to provide examples of your projects – what have you been working on, achievements and what interests you.

This is especially important if you are looking to transition over from Web2 to Web3.

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